Running a business demands a fine blend of skill and determination. As your business grows, different challenges and problems will arise, some of which will take you out of your comfort zone.  Taking your business to the next level requires the support and guidance from those who have walked a day in your shoes.

Operating in an external advisory capacity, Lime Finance provides a wide range of business support and non-executive functions.  From on-going consultancy services to financial planning and reporting, we take entrepreneurs from merely owning a business to growing a business.


Expert support and guidance from those in the know

Working with a portfolio of high growth businesses, we operate a number of on-going business support functions,
ranging from arms reach consultancy services to hands-on business planning and financial reporting:


Financial Director

Working closely with your senior executive team, we provide the skill and expertise of an in-house financial director and more;

Non-Exec Director

The proverbial arm around the shoulder, we act in the interest of company stakeholders, driving the business forward through policy making and planning exercises;

Financial Processes

With a firm understanding of your business, we put in place carefully considered financial processes designed to help you meet your corporate and financial obligations;

Credit Controls

Revenue is the life blood of a business. We ensure your accounts are expertly managed and implement controls so that your invoices are paid in full and on time;

Business Plans

Expert business plans and financial forecasts. We carefully consider the nuances of your business to help raise the finance you need to take your business to the next level;

Business Partner

Working alongside you on the frontline, providing support as and when you need it the most. Week in, week out.


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