Multiple ways to raise debt.

Sell your fixed income products, and raise the finance you need.

Use debt finance for working capital, capital expenditure or to even replace equity.


Get quick access to finance you need.

Sell debt instruments to investors

Sell fixed income products (bonds, bills and more)

Easy to follow payback package


More about raising debt

Debt financing can take place when a company sells its fixed inome products to investors, in order to obtain the capital needed to grow its operations. Once the company issues the bond, the investors that then purchase it are lenders (be it residential or institutional) that provide the company with debt financing.

Cost of Debt

The cost of debt, is the interest payment to bondholders. By issuing debt, they not only promise to repay the principal amount, but also promises to make payment on the interest.

Measuring Debt Financing

If you decide to use debt financing as a way to raise finance, we'll measure your debt finance with a debt-to-equity ratio.

Interest Rates

Some investors prefer to take a return in the form of interest. The interest rate is determinedby market rates and the credit worthiness of the borrower. Therefore, if you have higher rates, it's due to you being at greater risk of defaulting.

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