Start a venture with whoever you want.

Joint Ventures all parties are happy with.

Achieve the best out of your partnership with a join venture agreement that suits all parties.


Collaborative business agreements with one goal.

Shared Risks

Agreeable Exit Strategies

Access to greater resources

Increased Capacity


Is a joint venture right for you?

Joint ventures are commercial agreements between two or more participants, who agree to 'co-operate' to achieve their mutual business objectives. By joining resources and expertise of two or more companies, there are many advantages.

Joint Venture Structures

There's not actually a distinct legal form for a Joint Venture in the UK. There are some commonly used structures though which we can advise on, such as; Company limited by shares, Contractual venture, Limited liability partnership and General partnerships.

Why start a joint venture?

Companies typically start joint ventures for one of four reasons: access to new markets, gain scale efficiencies, shared risk of investments and access to skills and capabilites.

Is it right for you?

As with anything, there are risks to joint ventures. If your objectives are not aligned, their is significant risk of underperformance. Partners may not be equally matched in expertise which can often cause friction.

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