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Buying a Business

Buying a business is a decision that entrepreneurs should not take lightly, with a purchase requiring a great deal of planning and a strategic approach. However, if purchasing the right business for the right price, you can accelerate your business plans and meet your individual growth objectives in a quicker, sensible manner.

For many, mergers and acquisitions are a great way to extend operations and expand, allowing business owners to grow their portfolios, enter new markets and diversify their business investments. So, if you are seeking ways to enhance your market share and protect your existing business endeavours, buying a business may well be the best route to go down.

How Lime Advisory can help with buying a business

The process of buying, selling, dividing or combining businesses is a complex one. For this reason, you’ll only want to conduct a purchase if it is a part of a clear strategic plan.

Here at Lime Advisory, our team of highly experienced advisors are here to help, putting pillars in place to ensure the purchase is planned, implemented and completed successfully and within the correct timeframes. As part of our work in this area, we will steer you through the operational planning of the process, analysing your options to help determine the best approach and plan. Then, we help you through every step, including:

Strategic advice - our team will provide you with expert strategic advice to ensure your merger/acquisition is in line with your business goals and financial objectives.

Due diligence - the Lime Advisory team will conduct all the necessary due diligence to ensure this the safe business purchase you have been led to believe.

Raising finance - if you require funds to make this purchase happen then our team are at hand to find the most sensible option, whether that be via a business loan, equity investment, crowdfunding campaign or various other means.

Accurate valuations – we can provide impartial, fair valuations of the businesses you are looking to buy.

More advice – we will offer sound advice on tax, deal terms, compliance and financing options

Post-acquisition – the team will ensure success through advice and implementation of a post-acquisition integration plan.

For more details on how we can make your acquisition or merger run smoothly, contact us right away.  

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