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Business Planning

Strategic planning is a systematic process that helps business owners decide what their business ambitions are, creating an effective, sensible plan off the back of that.

At Lime Advisory, we boast decades of experience in this field, having supported a large assortment of businesses from a huge variety of industries and sectors. From disruptive tech startups to established, international manufacturing firms and everything in between, we leave no business out of the chance of operating in a strategic, goal-orientated way.  

Establishing your ambitions  

When working with the Lime Advisory team, we will conduct a variety of discovery exercises that will help you envisage your financial goals for both yourself and the business. First, we will need to gain a clear picture of where your company finances are, identifying company strengths, areas for concern and to what extent your business has a competitive advantage over its rivals. Once we have gained this intel, we can start to develop action points, putting a plan together that will aim to increase profits, accelerate growth and achieve those overarching company objectives.  

What are the advantages of creating a strategic corporate plan?  

As well as building some structure into your business, developing such a plan will also serve you well when looking to raise funds, gain investment or if you find yourself in a position where you are considering selling your business.  

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