Short Term cash flow solutions

Merchant Cash Advances, short-term solutions.

Merchant Cash Advances could be the perfect solution for you if you've got exciting plans to grow your business.

Trusted seeding

An Innovative way of lending for SME's.

Highly Competitive Options

Funding in as little as 48 hours

Pay back little by little

Flexible payment terms


Preparing your business for Seeding

To be put in its simplest form, Merchant Cash Advances are one of the most innovative solutions in finance. Whilst the concept has only been around for a few years, its proving to be extremely popular with retail and leisure sector businesses. It's a great alternative for companies who have little assets, but high volumes of card transactions.

Flexible & Scalable Finance

Typically, your repayments are made as a percentage of revenue, meaning they go up and down proportionally with your businesses income.

Easy Repayments

Repayments typically have low impact. As the lender works directly with your card terminal provider, the percentage they take for repayments is never in your businesses account, so you have one less think to worry about.

Access to other forms of finance

Another benefit of a merchant cash advance is that it effectively opens up a new line of credit. Therefore you can get other forms of finance for your business at the same time as a merchant cash advance.

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