Tailored Commercial Mortgages

Not your off the shelf Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages have a reputation for being time consuming and complex, not with our service.

Bespoke commercial mortgages

Tailored Commercial Mortgages just for you.

Interest Only Available

Fixed Rates Available

Terms of up to 30 years

0 Lenders Fees + Reduced Legal Fees from particular lenders

Up to 75% LTV


What is a Commercial Mortgage?

Commercial Mortgages are loans from a building society, bank or other specialist funding institutes, that are arranged with the purpose of either refinancing or purchasing a property that is primarily used for business or commercial use.

A Commercial Mortgage can be used for varying scenarios, such as; properties a business will trade from or as a way of purchasing for investment (such as a buy-to-let). As they are often a complex form of financing, it's of great benefit to our clients that our team are well versed, and experienced in putting together an arrangement.

What makes Lime Commercial different?

Proffesional Approach

Lime Commercial Finance take great care in ensuring that for every step of the process, you are well informed of each stage of the development. We also keep in regular contact with your IFC, solicitor and accountant to ensure an efficient transaction.

Detail Orientated

It goes without saying that we scrutinise each document to sure there are no errors, so we never leave you exposed. By doing so, we greatly reduce the risk of any delays with your application.

Greater appeal to Lenders

Our experienced team of brokers are highly knowledgeable and are able to understand exactly how to make your package as appealing as possible to potential commercial mortgage lenders. We've also got a knowledge base to determine which lenders are best suited for you to get the best deal.

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