Bridging Finance to relieve stress

Bridge the gap between sales.

Finance options for everything from property auctions to chain breaks, we help you get finance when you need it most, and fast.


Bridging Loans for short term Finance.

Loans up to 100% Purchase Price

0 Upfront Fees

Terms Starting at 1 Month

Rates Starting at 0.29% PCM


Short Term Financing

The property industry is often very fast moving with opportunities coming and going in a matter of days. Therefore, it's often imperative to complete purchases quickly or refinance existing assets for a short period, that's why it's critical to have the right funding in place.

Fast Finance & Critical Decision Making

Lime Commercial Finance are unparalleled in the industry for our proficiency in sourcing fast bridge loans, all tailored to suit our clients needs. As of the climate of the industry, we understand that both flexibility and peed are imperative when it comes to bridging loans. That's why we take great care in ensuring all of our packages are bespoke to each client, whilst also allowing for funders to understand clearly and concisely the details of the deal.

Our team is at the centre of how we are able to provide such a reputable service. Our industry expert brokers are well versed in ensuring that your application goes to the most suitable funder first time round, so you get the finance you need.

Our team is comprised of a number of specialist brokers, many of whom have been securing bridging loans throughout their entire professional career. Not only have we structured deals worth millions of pounds, but we've also been able to make the finance available within 48 hours in certain cases.

What is Bridging Finance used for?

Bridging Finance can be used for a number of different situations, each loan is individual to its case. As such, we ensure to be as clear as possible with our service so our clients know exactly where they stand with their options.
The most common use cases for Bridging Loans are as follows:

Property Purchases

Temporary Cashflow Issues

Purchases at Auction

Investors taking advantage of a short term opportunity


Short term working capital

Renovation Projects

Why us Lime Commercial?

Loans upto 100% of Purchase Price
Terms from 1 month
Rates from 0.29% PCM
Loans from £500,000 & no upper limit
Non-Status lending available
Completion as quick as 48 hours
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