For you to be in control of any potential Merger & Acquisition (M&A) transactions, you need an internal deal team outlined in your company.


When prospecting buyers are looking to buy your company, they’re going to want a lot of documents from you. Financial documents, for instance, can take a long time to sort out, and if you end up not getting the right documents prepared – you run the risk of losing the potential buyers. This is why there needs to be an emphasis on putting a deal team together to ensure these requirements are met whenever a potential buyer comes knocking.
If you’re an SME, you’re going to be looking at having roughly 6 people in your internal deal team, these will predominantly be made up of the finance people as well as some others from key areas of the business (i.e. for a tech company the CTO?- need to ask Tom about this). Once each member of the deal team has been selected, it’s then time to make sure they know their roles with their respective external advisors: bankers, lawyers, accountants, etc. To make sure a deal is successful, you need your internal deal team and external advisors to be as harmonious as possible to get the greatest outcome. Choosing your external advisors is just as important as creating your internal deal team, so let's look at how you should pick them in the following articles.
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