Mergers & Acquisitions – Part 3: Choosing The Right Lawyer

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Lawyer In Mergers & Acquisitions


With Mergers & Acquisitions, Lawyers play a vital role in the transaction process. Just like your banker, they become an integral part of the deal team and become one of your closest advisors based on their close relationship and involvement in helping you structure your deal in the best way. Each M&A will demand a certain type of lawyer based on their skill set and experience, this also means that their role can vary depending on their relationship with all parties and the type of M&A. 
As a bare minimum, your lawyer will be involved in: 
  • drafting the agreements, reviewing documents, and providing some advice on terms. 

They may also be involved in giving:

  • tactical legal advice, as well as undertaking legal due diligence and negotiating on your behalf. 

Some areas your Lawyer will NEED to be involved in:

  • Confidentiality agreements - drafting and negotiating the details
  • Key Internal Legal Documents - both preparing and reviewing these documents, in preparation for the deal
  • Market Standards - advising on what the standards are, and what needs to be aimed for
  • Technical Agreement Terms - negotiating on these terms using their expertise of the area
  • Sale Agreements - drafting these documents
  • Legal Structure - advising on the setting up of this to give effect to the transaction
  • Summary Report - potentially preparing a summary report on the legal issues of the business on which the winning bid can rely i.e. legal vendor due diligence.
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